Become A Member

Theta Tau is an organization for engineers of all disciplines. We strive to promote a high standard of professional interest as well as promote academic success. Our organization provides many professional development events for the engineering school which are open to any student willing to attend.

The Zeta Chapter has many alumni living all over the world and is the only multi-discipline Professional Engineering Fraternity at KU which is Co-Ed. Our chapter also offers many opportunities for members, pledges, and recruits to become involved in school and the community while striving towards professional development.

Join Theta Tau

Being a member of Theta Tau Fraternity offers distinct advantages over membership in some local organization. Some benefits are:

  • Recognition

  • Lifetime membership

  • National and regional meetings

  • Interactions

  • Awards

  • Publications

  • Leadership training

  • Volunteer Opportunities

Prospective Pledge Requirements

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age

  • Students must be enrolled in the University of Kansas's School of Engineering during the Pledging semester

  • Students must possess a GPA of at least 2.0

  • Students must possess the qualities of brotherhood as determined by the Zeta Chapter

  • Students must demonstrate a professional attitude that will be beneficial to the Chapter

Prospective Pledge Restrictions

  • Students must not be within six months of graduation

  • Students must not be involved within any of the following organizations:

      • Alpha Chi Sigma

      • Alpha Omega Epsilon

      • Alpha Rho Chi

      • Alpha Sigma Kappa

      • Kappa Eta Kappa

      • Phi Sigma Rho

      • Sigma Beta Epsilon

      • Scarab

      • Sigma Phi Delta

      • Sigma Rho

      • Triangle